These 20 Hilarious Dungeons & Dragons Sorties Will Make You Want To Play!

This might be long, I apologise. Spoilers for Temple of Elemental Evil.

So our group had been playing this module for quite a while, and a friend of mine joined the party. She was new to D&D, so she kept quiet during most of this, assuming we were experienced players and knew what we were doing.

We stumbled across a hidden room in this evil temple that felt pure and holy. Inside we found another secret door, leading to a dark room that felt overwhelmingly evil. Inside was a coffin with a vampire inside, a stake through his heart. For some reason we thought that if we removed the stake he would spring to life and attack us, so we prepared all of our spells and weapons, removed the stake and... nothing.

Since he didn't attack us, we decided to cut off his head, put it in a sack and burn his heart on a flaming sword along with his body. My friend thought an easier solution would be to move the vampire next door into the holy room, but didn't say anything since she thought we would know what's best.

We returned to the nearby village to tell the church what we had done and to show off the vampire's head. Unfortunately, the head we presented was that of the Prince and High Paladin of the realm. The evil room in the temple had an illusion spell on the Prince, and had we just moved him into the other room the spell would be broken and we could see his true form.

Moral of the story: if you are new to D&D, never assume the players are smart and know what's best.


I was climbing a cliff face that was roughly 250ft up while a dragon landed in front of the rest of the party right in front of the ladder that was used to get up the cliff so I set down the item we were getting from said dragons hoard pulled out 2 javalins and jumped from the top of the cliff. The dragon was almost dead so all I had to do was land on it. Well as I was falling the dragon decided that it was going to take off. It raised its head and opened its wings just as I was landing on it and I killed the dragon. The only bad thing about this is the fact that it was 250ft of freefall i killed the dragon on impact and hit its skull so hard that it immediately killed me. My party made it out of the caves with my body but they couldnt revive me. The only person besides myself that could revive me rolled a natural 1 three times in a row and I couldnt roll anything higher than a 5 so in the end I died but I also killed a dragon as my last act.