20 People Who've Battled Or Are Battling Depression Share The Hardest Part And How They Treated It

For me, the most difficult part of depression is the fact that no matter how great your life is or is going, you still feel a constant, deep, unexplainable sadness. For no apparent reason. It makes you even more depressed because you can't pinpoint where the sadness is coming from because it's so deeply rooted. Causing me to become more frustrated and irritable because I'm unable to describe why I feel the way that I do to people.

Honestly, the only things that help me to "treat" myself, even if it's just temporarily, are music, self-medicating, and surrounding myself with people almost constantly.


The physical exhaustion is the hardest.

Today, I took a shower. After that, I needed a three hour long rest before I could do anything. My room is a mess, my bed is a mess, I have so many things to do, and I just can't do anything. It's exhausting.

I mean, I'm in therapy and on meds.