20 People Share Their Best Example Of He Had It Coming They Have Ever Seen

A few years ago I was out a pub with some friends for my birthday. A few of them are sitting outside and my best friend coughed. This apparently infuriated a girl sitting nearby and had her boyfriend just start beating the hell of my best friend (female, by the way) and her boyfriend. My best friend is a little scrapper so she can hold her own in a fight if she needs to, but the guy is the one throwing the majority of the punches. Police obviously got called, and the guy legs it before they arrive. Police took statements from my friends and start trying to find the guy in order to arrest him, but even after a few weeks they still hadn't found him. Best friend gets a call from the police soon after to say that they had arrested the guy who had beaten up her and her boyfriend. Turns out they hadn't been able to find him because while he was running away from the pub that night he'd tried to jump a high fence, fallen and hit his head resulting in a six week coma.


The kids in my neighborhood, including me, liked to toss snowballs at passing cars. One day a guy in a purple pickup truck drove by, and we lit him up with four or five little snowballs.

About two minutes later, the same truck comes back up the road, revving the engine loud. He zooms by, and his arm comes out the window holding a snowball about the size of a soccer ball. Somehow he nailed the neighbor kid right in the chest with that snowball, kid crumpled to the snow from the impact. We heard him laughing his ass off as he drove away. Never saw the purple truck again.

Don't throw snowballs at cars. It's more dangerous than it seems, for the drivers. I still feel like a tool when I remember, even though I was only eleven or so.