20 People Share Their Best Example Of He Had It Coming They Have Ever Seen

One morning, I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on my way to work for some coffee. It had already been a not so great morning so I wasn't in the best mood. The guy a couple people ahead of me got a large iced coffee (which is 32 oz at Dunkin' Donuts), and he ended up being parked next to me in the parking lot.

So I'm getting in my car and happen to glance over and notice that he's in his car but his giant coffee is on the roof of his car. So I waved at him and pointed to his roof. He looked at me, and for whatever reason, his reaction was to flip me off. (Don't know if he thought I was making some kind of rude gesture or I was just a weirdo or what).

But I got to watch him pull of his parking space; his coffee stayed put while he backed out, but as soon as he braked to shift gears, that thing just dumped allllll down his front windshield. It was honestly one of the most gratifying moments of my life.


Was driving home slowly during the aftermath of a major ice storm - Dallas/FW doesn't have salt trucks or plows, so there was a thick layer of ice on all the highways (which are mostly elevated, so they take ages to thaw if the temp stays low). Guy in a sports car blows past me and a bunch of other people just trying to stay on the road; he's changing lanes really fast and speeding up and generally being a dick on a dangerous road.

Couple miles later, dude's car is spun out, still upright, and stuck in an icy ditch. He was fine, standing next to the (also fine) car spitting mad, so I'm glad he wasn't hurt...but man, did he deserve to end up in a ditch for driving like that.