25 Outdoor Enthusiasts Of The Internet Share Their Creepiest Experience In The Great Outdoors

I went camping with a friend of mine one 4th of july weekend. We were just friends, as she had a BF, so she slept in her car with her dog (wasn't a huge fan of sleeping in tents) and I slept in the my tent. Night goes fine, I sleep pretty well. The "front" of my tent was facing her car, and the rear of my tent was facing the woods.

In the morning as the sun was rising, I hear footsteps out of the back side of my tent and feel/hear fur rubbing against my tent. It's amazing how much you can hear in the middle of the woods away from roads and cities. Unfortunately, the back of my tent was facing west, so no shadows.

I figured "oh she probably let her dog out and he wants in." So I opened the front of my tent (toward her car) and immediately my stomach dropped. In her car I see her dog (black lab) staring outside the window, paws on the dashboard, growling, with his hair standing on end.

So many things ran through my mind at once.

"Oh shit"

"WTF is behind me"

"I don't want to get eaten."

So I just sat there, staring at the dog, who is staring at whatever is behind me. It was one of those moments where everything goes silent and all you hear is your heartbeat. You feel it in your hands and you strain your ears to try to hear what you think is going to eat you. Eventually I built up the courage to clear my throat (loudly) and I think whatever it was ran away.

I never knew what it was, but it scared the crap out of me. A few minutes later my friend let the dog out of the car and I grabbed it so it didn't chase whatever it was behind me. Dog just wanted to cuddle anyway.

I did have my gun and bear spray, but it's not like I was going to LEAVE my tent to apply it to whatever massive animal was behind my tent. And no, no food inside the tent (we left it in the cars.)


When I was in high school me and a buddy went camping where I have hunted since I was a kid. We took off later in the evening and got up right at dusk. Shot some guns, made dinner and started a fire. We were the only car up the dirt road. We decided to go to bed around 11, so we spread the fire out with a shovel. Around midnight we woke up and noticed our fire was going again so we both got up to put it out and found a lady sitting around the fire. Not 10 feet from our tent. We freaked out and told her to leave. She just walked down a ravine that leads to private property. After that we proceeded to take out all the guns we brought and try to get some sleep. Weirdest night I've ever had up there.