25 Outdoor Enthusiasts Of The Internet Share Their Creepiest Experience In The Great Outdoors

When I was in the cub scouts, we would occasionally take camping trips in the great outdoors, since we were all 9 at the time, the adults did all of the work and we just ran around having a good time. However, one camping trip, we had all settled in for bed and since I forgot my mat, I had to sleep on the hard floor so I didn't fall asleep right away. It was around 11 at night and I could still hear some of the adults talking by the fire when all of a sudden I hear what sounds to be a mix of a wolf/lion, all of a sudden the entire camp gets quite and the only noise is the crackling fire. After the loud "roar" one of the adults ran to his tent to grab his sidearm, he then told the other adults that he would check it out, after about 30 minutes he comes back running and panting saying that we have to go, so at around 12 a.m. all of the adults and kids pack up camp and we book it, it's been 9 years and I still don't know what made that gut wrenching sound, nor do I want to know Edit: thank you guys so much for my most upvoted comment ever, I went to bed with 15 like and woke up with 300 Damn!


While I was growing up, my family would visit the same lake every year for week every summer. As we got older, we would visit a large rock we called "the cliffs", and jump off. The rock was only 15 feet tall at the highest point, but the water was really deep. When we got older, we would jump in and try to touch the bottom, but we never could. When my brother and I were in our teens we took kayaks out to the cliffs to jump on our own. We jumped off several times, and when we got too cold we took a break on the top of the cliffs to warm up in the sun. As we were sitting there, we noticed a white shape in the water, floating towards the surface. It was a letter: "H". Eventually it sank back into the water and we lost sight of it. Before we could look away or say anything, another shape was floating upwards. It was the letter "E". Eventually, it too sank below, but it was soon followed by two more letters: "L" and "P". We didn't jump in after that. We stood up and left without saying a word. We never mentioned it to anyone, and I forgot it even happened after a while. Several years ago I was working as a camp counselor and I told this story as a ghost story. I had forgotten about it, and I texted my brother to see if I hadn't just made it up completely. I asked him if he remembered the time we went to the jumping cliffs alone and saw something in the water. He replied yes, that he did remember. I asked him what it was and his reply was: "letters. they spelled "HELP".