30 Everyday Regular People Share The Worst Experience Of Their Life

I was at a concert -Sum 41 I think. The first concert I had ever been to. I was on Christmas vacation in my first year of college and everything was great. It was before smart phones, and I didn't have a cell phone yet so my dad gave me his Motorola Star-Tac to take to the concert, for security. My friend was driving, I was riding shotgun and there were friends in the back. We were just trying to decide where we could get pizza at 2am when my dad called. He sounded completely deadpan and serious when I told me to come home right now. After I got off the phone I turned to my friend and said "shit, dude, he sounds serious, he sounds like somebody died or something. I gotta go home." I got home and my parents were upstairs. I thought I heard my mom laugh so I went up to their room and said "what did I do?" I assumed I was in trouble. My mom came over to hug me and my dad told me that my sister had killed herself. She shot herself in the chest with her roommate's handgun. My legs gave out under me. The next day we stopped by my therapists office for an emergency appointment before heading to the airport. She lived on the other side of the country, so it was a six hour flight. We couldn't afford the return trip until after the New year so we spent a month in a hotel, leaving all our Christmas gifts at home. We went to the mall to buy something to give each other on Christmas day. I gave my dad a revolving tie rack and I got a dictionary (I was super nerdy). We used the flowers from the memorial service as a substitute Christmas tree and my mom read the Christmas story from the hotel bible. My parents did everything they could to maintain some normalcy that year, but it took me ten years to be able to walk into a mall at Christmas time without wanting to die.


I was on the way to work one morning a couple of years ago and I got a call from my brother's boss. I'm friends with his boss so it wasn't unusual for him to call, but this time he was telling me that my brother was dead. He didn't show up for work and the boss stopped by his house and found him. I immediately turned the car around and began the longest 20 minute drive of my life. I got there and they had crime scene tape around the house. I left to do over to my dad's house and wake him up and tell him his other son was dead. We both went back to my brother's house and by this time many of his friends had showed up. A little while later, they hauled his body out, covered by a blanket. Me and dad went to my house and waited for my sister to arrive and we all got thoroughly drunk, along with lots of friends. It turned out that he died from heroin laced with fentanyl. I didn't know he was even on that shit, and we were tight. Apparently he was pretty new to it and it hadn't taken over his life completely yet. My mom had died about 18 months before and in one of our last conversations, she tearfully told me to take care of my little brother. I felt like a complete failure that I had not recognized the signs of my brothers downward spiral. There were a few signs that I missed, like cutting way back on drinking when he had been an alcoholic since he was a teenager (he died at 40). I just thought he was slowing down. Also he missed Thanksgiving dinner at my house about a week before, that never happens but my brother was unpredictable and a free spirit so I brushed it off. The other sign was that he called me one morning wanting to borrow 20 or 40 bucks. He borrows from my dad but has never asked me for money. I have 6 kids and they were devastated, worst holidays ever, just went through the motions. I hadn't intended for this to be so long, just kind of came pouring out.