20 People Who Deal with kids Everyday Share The Funniest Thing They've Heard Them Say

Me: putting on make up My niece: I haven't seen anyone wear that much makeup since Halloween..... Thanks kid.


I was a camp councilor at a summer camp. This camp had a pool so every day we had to get the kids changed into the pool, play with them, take em out gettem changed and ready for their parents to arrive. I am a guy so I was assigned to work with the boys and they would all just dilly dally and stand around naked etc. One day I walk by and three guys are still naked all comparing penis sizes. Keep in mind these guys are like nine so they all are like the size of a lunchables hot dog. Before I can tell them to knock it off and put some pants on one of the older kids who obviously was further along in his development, and thus a bit larger spins around while standing on a bench stark naked and loudly proclaims "hey boys take a look at this sausage". I just fucking lost it and went to tell another another guy i worked with, that one was too much.