20 Cleaners Reveal The Most Messed Up Thing They've Ever Found

Some might think being a cleaner is a mundane job. But that's far from the truth. Take a read of these crazy but true cleaner stories from real cleaners.


My boyfriend works for a residential window cleaning company. He once was at this man's house, probably in his late 50's, cleaning the windows. He goes into a room upstairs where the door is already open and sees a naked, young women laying in the bed asleep. He rushes out of the room and profusely apologizes, but she never woke up so he goes into other second floor rooms to clean the windows and avoids that room as much as possible. Everything else seems normal, so he brushes it off. Shortly after, the man walks in there, picks up the women and shoves her a hallway closet when BF is able to get a better look. It was actually a realistic sex doll.

I used to work as a housekeeper for very wealthy clients. We were usually sent to a house in teams of 4 or 5 because the homes we cleaned were massive and needed a team effort. There was this one place with a particularly cunty trophy wife who always loved ordering us around and talking to us like we were lower than dirt. She would always call our boss after we left to complain about stupid things like a strand of hair she found or the pillows on the sofa not being in the correct order or the fact that she would spot dust on things days after we cleaned. Anyway this one day she asked us to go into her husbands man cave, a small den in the back of the house with just a sofa, coffee table and a big screen tv. We usually didn't do that room but this time she asked that we tidy it up and make sure to vacuum under the sofa cushions and any change or anything we find under the cushions just leave it out for her on the coffee table. Some time later one of my teammates shouts to all of us to come see what she found. Under the sofa cushions was a massive treasure trove of porn. Specifically black BBW porn. The wife was a petite blonde with fake bolt on tits so it was strange to see that her hubby's flavor of porn was so different. Like she requested we left it all neatly arranged on the coffee table for her. That was the last time we cleaned that place.