20 Men And Women Confess The Moment They Knew They Wanted A Divorce

We'd been having so many problems, some minor, some major, for many years. As a last ditch effort, in August of 2010 we decided, on her suggestion, to try an open marriage. I figured at this point I hadn't anything else to lose. It wasn't even her sleeping with a friend 24 hours later that ticked me off. It was that after MONTHS I finally connected with a girl and we made plans, and my wife said she 'wasn't ready for that step yet' (Despite months of her having a 'boyfriend') Well, as shitty as it sounds, we had rules. The last night we were together, I was chatting via text with said girl and she sent me a topless pic. My wife went BALLISTIC. (I am paraphrasing about a 2 hour screaming match here) She basically told me I had to cut this girl out of my life completely, but she wasn't willing to leave her boyfriend as they had been friends for over a decade, but she 'would consider not sleeping with him for awhile'. I remember the moment that I walked into the bathroom mid fight, looked at myself in the mirror, and as a man who NEVER believed he would divorce, realized that I couldn't do it anymore. Despite her begging me to reconsider, I left the next day. One of the worst things for my lifestyle, one of the best things ever for my sanity.


It came on slowly. But, if I were to condense it... when I realized that we were doing more harm to one another than good. When the scales tipped heavier towards the angry, yelly, throwing things, manipulation, resentment and general shittiness side of the scale for more time than they spent on the best friend, laughing, playing mariokart and loving life side of the scale. She was my best friend, right to the end. But at some point you realize that if you love somebody, you don't want to hurt them anymore. That they have a right to be happy, just like you have a right to be happy. It sucked. Truly. It was hard. It was really, really difficult.