26 Internet People Share The Most Awkward Situation They Witnessed Where An Attempt To Be Funny Just Went Absolutely Wrong

My newest boss at the time had accidentally brushed my butt with her hand and said "sorry I didn't mean to." I didn't have my work-filter on so I naturally teased her a little with a wink and a "sure". She got really flustered and uncomfortable. I don't think it had anything to do with me but a week later she quit.


Was woken up at 2am by the doorbell. Took a little while to become conscious and actually realise it was the doorbell by which time my wife was awake as well. I go down to see who it is. It's a neighbour, as soon as I open the door he tells me there is a fire next door. Next door is a building site and a small digger was currently ablaze. Slightly concerning as gas canisters were stored on the site. I rush back upstairs and my wife has looked out the window and could see the fire right outside we decide to evacuate. The neighbour offers to let us stay in his house (across the road) to await the fire brigade. Neighbour and his wife are lovely and very welcoming. Fire brigade turns up very quickly and put it out. As we are thanking the neighbour he apologises for waking us up, I respond with.. "Well, at least it wasn't Jehovah's Witnesses!" He smiles but doesn't respond and me and my wife head back indoors. As the door clicks shut my wife hisses at me "They ARE Jehovah's Witnesses!" I then cringe a lot.