30 Employees Reveal The Dumbest Reason Why They Got Fired From Their Job

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Sent my boss an email stating I'd look for another job if he didn't tweak what I did to be what I was hired for. Two days later, the pussy is trying to get me to sign away my unemployment. Nope, you just fired me, I don't have to do anything you say any longer, called him a cunt at a rather large volume and left.


I didn't fit the "image" of the restaurant.. I wasn't Italian , but was running an Italian restaurant.... This was fabulous


They fired my boyfriend (he had disagreed with the new boss about something, so he got a speech about how he and the company had different philosophies and should part ways and btw here is two weeks severance). I showed up at work later that day and they asked if I hadn't understood that I was fired too. WTF. I rarely worked with my boyfriend and hadn't even met the new boss. Meh. That was 15+ years ago and we are both way better off now.