30 Employees Reveal The Dumbest Reason Why They Got Fired From Their Job

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Got hired for a job I didn't apply for, higher position. Told me they'd train me up on the job, and the pay was better so hey, fuck it! Well, 3 months in and zero training whatsoever they tell me I'm falling short and give me the arse. Cunts.


I had been in the hospital for almost two full days right before new years eve. Had a doctors note to have 5 days off of work to recover. The employer was 2 blocks from the hospital, so I dropped it off on my way home. I stumbled in there with a rainbow of hospital bracelets, obviously sick and in pain. He fired me a day later because I didn't come in and work anyway.


I had just been kicked out of my parents home and had no permanent address to live at, so I was couch surfing. I was acting manager for a concession stall in Debenhams at the time, and I spoke to my boss to explain my situation and what I should do. I was told to either suck it up and only couch surf within a certain distance, or take three months unpaid leave while I get myself back on my feet. Problem is, I could only couch surf for as long as I was welcome for, only when people were happy for me to stay over, which meant that keeping within a certain radius was highly improbable. And like hell I was going to get back on my feet after not getting paid for three months. Anyway, because I was unable to agree to either decision, they held my disciplinary meeting in secret and fired me, but not before they could drag out the process to humiliate me as much as possible. The area manager brought his young daughter with him during a scheduled visit, and made a point to loudly tell her not to be like me when she grows up.