30 Employees Reveal The Dumbest Reason Why They Got Fired From Their Job

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I've only been fired once. I refused to travel to 4 different locations to teach in a single day. The travel time was about 5 hours round trip. It wasn't so much the refusal that got me fired, but I called my boss a cunt for trying to make me do it.


I worked in a tiny (about 2.5m across and 10 meters long) pet store and the owner was always sitting at the front desk on the computer while I did the grubwork (which I didn't mind doing at all). It became a theme where I would ask for more hours and some training to be able to use the POS system. My boss would act exasperated when he'd have to assist me with the computer system. I got really frustrated, but took his shitty attitude. Kept asking for hours and training to learn the things I wasn't trained in. He ended up firing me, it was my first real job in a store and I cried when he told me. It didn't help that I'd cleaned/drained and filled every single fishtank in that store that day and was incredibly tired/beat. I still retain to this day he got sick of looking at me and didn't train me to become better at the job because he didn't like me much. Fuck it, you gotta mess up to get better I suppose, but I would have appreciated a real explanation for my termination that 'we're going in a different direction and don't need you' only to see a new hire there the next week.


For not wanting to work after I got back from a two hour drive from my grandmothers funeral... It was just a supermarket job so I didn't care too much.