25 People Share The Craziest Or Worst Thing Their Ex Did After The Relationship Had Ended

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He gave me a letter when I left for college and told me not to open it until he said it was time. A few months later, I broke up with him because he was very mentally abusive and had been cheating on me for over a year. He called me and told me to go ahead and open that letter. It was a suicide note saying how I was a horrible person and the reason he decided to take his life. I read it, Panicked, and called him. He waited until I had confirmed that I read it then downed a bunch of pills. I had to call his best friend to go break into his house and get him to puke them up. Asshole had pre-planned blaming me for suicide while we were still together and happy. He then spent the next 6 years claiming that we were fuck buddies (despite the fact that I was with a new boyfriend, then engaged, then married) and had elaborate sex stories about me that never happened.


My ex took all the naked pictures he took of me and cropped my face out of them. He then made a fake facebook account and catfished my brother and sent him my nudes. After a few weeks of doing this he sent me screenshots of the conversation and then sent him the uncropped pictures and sent me screenshots of that. It was a very uneasy situation for both me and my brother.