20 People Share 'The Incident' At Their School And They Are Hilarious

A mysterious rash, which began as a small subset of people presenting with raised and reddended welts on their forearms, soon spread like wildfire among the population of the school. In a span of less than a week, our school went from Boringsvile, USA to a post-apocalyptic "28 Days Later" remake. No one could figure out whether it was an infection, or a virus, or a biblical plague. As more of the school population was infected, and more people were sent home, our school system ground to a halt and the management started to panic. Eventually, school was suspended until further notice. Upon deeper investigation, it was determined that the initial rash was caused by a new plant that was brought into the library, and most of the subsequent rashes were caused by kids vigorously rubbing their forearms to get out of school. Nonetheless, no one who went to my school at that time will ever forget "The Rash."


In middle school two teachers were caught multiple times watching porn, nothing happened. Then in my 8th grade year, the principal was busted for cocaine possession, never went to jail though. He returned to the school and nearly 3/4 of the teachers left. Here's the real fucked up one. Towards the end of last year (my freshman year) of high school, some junior died from an asthma attack. Some asshole took his inhaler on the bus and he died at home alone...... No one knows who did it...