25 Fathers and Husbands Who Left And Never Came Back Explain Why

A girl I used to see socially when I would be home on leave stopped by my parents house a wbile back with a 6-7 year. Dad answers the door recognizes her slightly. She just says that that was my daughter, they're both happy and healthy and I should know. He asks for some way for me to contact her. She say's no and walks away. Gets in a car and drives away. Dad tried to get plate number but she was gone too fast. He couldn't remember her name. Waited a few weeks to tell me. So... I could be a dad. I dunno.


Here's a real one from me. Woman slept with me after I said no and passed out drunk on her floor. Next day I moved across the country to report for military orders. Got a call months later saying she was pregnant, I did not believe her but went for the birth anyway. Long C section for twins, everyone was healthy, and I still didn't believe they were mine. Paternity test confirmed they were mine. I started paying child support while living across the country. After a year, they were removed from her custody for endangerment and abuse and placed with her parents, who are good people. I transferred my payments to the new custodians, didn't make contact for years. Recently, I've visited them, made a few contacts, and made myself available for them to know, but am not pursuing any kind of "fatherhood" for them, because I don't claim responsibility for them. They have parents who have raised them and will continue to raise them. They call their grandparents mom and pop. I still provide support. But since it started as rape and they have new legal guardians, I will not be stepping in as their permanent parent. It's not the path I chose and as long as they are safe and healthy, I don't think it's my responsibility. Edit: sorry for the double post, I made a second level comment and thought it warranted a reply to the OP Edit 2: Thanks everyone, seriously.