25 People Who Were Once Homeless Share Their Scariest And Creepiest Experiences Living On The Streets

When I was 12-13 I use to have to avoid home due to a parent using meth and the people that it/they brought by. So I use to sleep in our childhood tree fort the first few times. Up into the woods about a half mile off the road, and up a hill, it was a good vantage point in case I heard anything. One night I woke up and looked out to just see a guy staring up at the fort and I froze and held the gaze and slowly laid down onto my back. I heard him walk closer and just thought to yell, "Dad wake up someone's coming up!" He darted off into the woods but had I not thought to say that who knows. My Dad lived two states away and the only bluff I knew to yell. From that point on I found a friends attic loft and told him my life situation so he let me stay there at times. Being snuck into a warm place to sleep out of the snow at times is a magical warming level of love. Glad I had that friend.


How little you matter to anyone. There are two kinds of people I learned to avoid very quickly- groups of young men/teenagers, and fellow homeless men. If someone's gonna fuck with you, they'll fall in one of these groups, and people may watch disapprovingly, but they won't do anything to help you. It's less important to most people that you be somewhere safe or with a bit of shelter from the weather, than it is that you be where they don't have to see you. Most of your interactions with people such as the police, who in normal life you consider to be concerned primarily with your safety, when you're homeless are more about making you less inconvenient to others.