20 People Who Have Found A Dead Body Tell What Happened And What Their Reaction Was

I honestly didnt have time to react. I witnessed two people getting hit by a train. One pretty much exploded, the other was cut in half. The train folk must have contacted 911, because the fire department was there almost instantly, and I had just stayed in the same spot after throwing up pretty badly. The backstory, is a woman was waiting for her commuter train and did not know that a 75 mph amtrak had just passed her train a few minutes ago, so when the gates went down, she tried rushing across the tracks, and got her foot caught in the walkway. The amtrak hit the horn and the brakes, but was too close to do any good. At the last minute, a guy jumped out trying to get her out of the way, and he looked up, yelled, "OH SHI-" before getting creamed. He is the one that pretty much disappeared, she got swept under the wheels and was bisected. It happened in February, and the town spent all night cleaning up all the red and pink snow. I volunteer at a homeless charity, and their building is right next to the tracks. The other day, there was a train that had stopped at 855. I watched at least 5 people climb under the train to get to 900 breakfast. I have never had any PTSD thankfully, but watching them crawl by the wheels, I felt nervousness and panic that I hadnt felt since that day...


I found a dead snorkeler while on vacation in Hawaii. She looked like she was snorkeling but I thought she looked a little off. I kept watching her and her snorkel went under water and she had no reaction. So I walked over to her and shook her shoulder with no reaction. I flipped her over and saw she was obviously not breathing so I called over to my boyfriend to help me pull her out. When I pulled off her mask her face was completely blue/grey. It was very obvious she was dead. We were on a busy beach so the lifeguards continued to give her CPR and shock her but she had passed away. The sad part was if she was with somebody they had not noticed she was missing. Very sad.