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I get paid a six figure salary for a standard 40 hour a week corporate job for a massive well known company. In a given week I do maybe an hour of actual work, the rest of the time I am on reddit or youtube slacking off. I thought when I got this job that eventually someone would figure out I don't do anything all day but here I am 14 years later still doing fuck all and getting paid a lot for it.


That until a week ago I was a heroin user. I'd lose my kid, my family, my job. Everything. Finally just finished the worst of the detox, here's to keeping on keeping on. I don't think I'll ever tell them, even though I am currently clean and have no desire to go back. Fuck is it hard to go through it completely alone. Edit: thanks all for the support, it means a lot. Second edit: figured I'd update y'all. Over second week in, doing fucking fantastic, I barely even think about it anymore, keeping myself busy with work. Third edit: it's been a month since I've first posted this. I am still sober, life is awesome, I love my new job and new found social life, met a pretty rad chick. Life is fucking good. Fourth edit: 07.18.2017, at 80 days sober! Life is amazing. I really appreciate y'all for continuing to check in. I've told my family, they are supportive and want to see this through. Ex was just arrested on felony possession charges, this was absolutely a blessing I got out of there when I did. Thankfully she is in rehab. Fifth Edit: over 100 days in and doing awesome, even under a lot of stress. Hurt my back again, not bad, but enough to getvseen. All will be well in a week. I straight out refused any opiate they were willingly throwing at me. It was so fucking hard, but I can't risk it. It's too soon.