Everything You Need To Know About the Mayweather McGregor Fight

McGregor never had a professional boxing match and is gonna fight one of the all time greats, his only chance is a lucky punch, but Mayweather has shown an incredible chin over the years.


McGregor has Youth and reach. The fight is 99.9% Mayweather's but you never know what could happen. I don't think anybody has got under Mayweather's skin the way Connor has which might make him come to the fight and be more open and less defensive. I will say this though, if he does knock Mayweather out, it will be up there will Ali/Foreman in terms of greatest sporting moments of all time. I would fucking love it.


In terms of strategy, Conor has hours and hours of Mayweather videos to study and pick apart whereas Mayweather doesn't know what Conor will bring per se so he is an unknown quantity to some extent. Furthermore, McGregor is a master of movement and unorthodox ones at that so it'll be interesting to see how that first round pans out and how quickly Mayweather adapts.