Everything You Need To Know About the Mayweather McGregor Fight

McGregor has spent so many hours training techniques other than boxing. You could even argue they are equally talented, but Mayweather has purely honed his boxing skill.


McGregor Pros: Size, age, reach, strength, unorthodox style that might throw Mayweather off, trashtalking that gets under Mayweathers skin. McGregor Cons: Not used to boxing, not used to gloves, not enough time to re-train for boxing, used to fighting from a bigger distance (as kicks and takedowns can be used in MMA), fighting the undefeated boxing champion. It's going one of two ways - either McGregor gets a lucky shot in and knocks Mayweather out in the first two rounds (5% chance), or McGregor gets taken apart methodically over 12 rounds. Either way, after the fight McGregor will lose all his bravado. Winning, he'll thank Mayweather and say he respects him very much. Losing, he'll say "It is what it is, I did my best. If it was a real fight without rules to keep him alive, I'd win in the first round. But I respect Mayweather very much."