Campers Share Their Most Terrifying Encounters They Experienced In The Woods (10+ Stories)

Was tent camping with family. We all found flat ground to pitch our tents and my brother and sister in law and my parents had to pitch their tents a little ways off from my tent on the other side of some shrubbery. I couldn't see their tents from my tent, but they were very close. In the night I woke up to my Great Dane growling quietly. I sat up and listened for anything amiss. After a moment or two I heard movement outside the tent. Definitely someone walking up to my tent. I decided to peek because my dog was big enough to scare away anyone unwelcome. I unzipped my tent and looked out. There was a strange man standing on the path about 10 feet away from my tent. Just smiling eerily. My dog lunged past me still growling and barked at the same moment I yelled for my brother and dad. They immediately yelled back. The creeper turned and ran off. I'm thankful my family was so close that night.


I was hiking and took a quick whiz at night. My group was nearby a small cliff and I hear a sound coming up from on top. I look over and shine my light over at the edge and a mountain lion was overlooking our campsite. I didn't piss at night after that.