20 People Who Accidentally Caused The Death Of Another Person Reveal Everything

When i was younger playing xbox whilst at my grandparents house i had left the room to go to the bathroom, leaving my wired controller on the floor. I suddenly hear a thud and decided to finish my business before seeing where it had came from. Whilst cleaning up i heard a scream from my grandma and was told to stay in the bathroom. And so i did. Found out that my grandfather had accidently stood on my controller and fell over the wire, cracking his skull open on the table and was announced dead at the scene when the ambulance arrived. I am now extra cautious with where i leave items, encouraging my younger brother and sister to clear up their mess once they're done.


when i was 16 years old I hit an 87 year old man after he ran stop sign. I was with him holding his hand when he died on the sidewalk. He had a heart attack. They weren't able to determine if he had the heart attack before the accident which would explain why he blew through the stop sign or if he had one as a result. His family was very gracious and I am very grateful for them. His son called me the day after it happened and told me his mom had died 6 months prior, his dad had been very depressed and while they were sad he died this way they were happy to think their parents were reunited.