20 Parents Share What Their Child Did To Caused Them To Feel The Most Second-Hand Embarrassment Of Their Lives

Obligatory not a parent, but a nanny. The kids' parents had just had the "don't let people touch your private parts" talk with the two older boys. I was sitting on a bench with the baby while the boys played on a playground, when I overhear the oldest (he was 5 at the time) telling a little girl, who's mom was standing right nearby, "you don't let ANYONE look at or touch your penis, okay?" Little girl responds "but I don't have a penis, I have a vagina". And then my boy responds with the ever classic "what's a vagina? Can I see it?"


We were in a stall in a public toilet. My son, very loudly exclaimed, "Mama... you have a really biiiiiiiiiig FUR-GIN-IS!" Edit: FUR- GIN-IS is what he calls a VAGINA... vagina + penis