Leaked Email Reveals Huge Changes For KFC

As far as fried chicken goes, I’m no expert. For whatever reason, my late night fast food binges tended not to be of the poultry variety. At least, that’s how it was up until recently. I have now seen the error of my ways, realising long after everyone else that KFC and its ilk are really as finger-lickin’ good as I was always told.

As a late convert to the church of Kentucky Fried Chicken, it came as some surprise to find that my new religion may be changing on a fundamental level. An email chain between KFC executives have been leaked online, revealing that there will be some major changes to their food in the near future. Now don’t panic (as I may have just done) when I tell you the following: There may be plans to change KFC’s original fried chicken recipe. ‘Project Titan’ is the tremendous subject of these leaked emails, and presumably the secret title of the new enterprise. Following a meeting about the product, this leaked email speaks of a ‘new recipe’ and the significant risk involved in developing and announcing it to the world. This is a huge deal considering the recipe of “11 herbs and spices” was perfected in 1940, and has remained unchanged since that day. Still, the person sending the email, a Senior Brand Manager, seems confident in the concept. He wrote: “Very pleased with the new recipe, think it will go down great”.