20 Getting Caught During Sex Stories From Real Couples That Will Make You Want To Laugh And Cry.

The best story Reddit has about this is the guy who was having sneaky spoon sex with his girl under a blanket when her dad or brother came in and plopped down next to them. So he stayed there, still inside her and flaccid, for the rest of the movie until he left.


This was an ex of mine. Her brother used to have free reign of the place and pretty much would go into her room to grab stuff whenever He wanted. She was an artist, he was as well so they often shared supplies kept in her room. Long story short, one summer mid afternoon he came in to the bedroom to see his sister bent over the bed with her swimsuit half off getting a one way ride to pleasure town (Situated somewhere around Jersey I suspect?) He looked at us for a second and went: "Oooooookay." And walked back out the room.