20 Getting Caught During Sex Stories From Real Couples That Will Make You Want To Laugh And Cry.

One night, my ex's dad and ex took me home. She came into the house with me for a minute "to grab some CD's", and we decided to have a quickie. My grandfather walked out to the kitchen while we were going at it in the living room. He stopped, looked in at us, walked over to the counter, got some coffee, and then walked back to his bedroom. Didn't finish due to the awkwardness. Probably for the better, because her dad got pissed she was taking too much time and was at the door when I was walking her back out to the car. TL;DR- Got cockblocked by my 85 year old grandfather.


Mom walked in, screamed and closed the door, running away while yelling "I thought she left!" My father could be heard laughing downstairs.