20 Of The Craziest Babysitting Stories Of All Time.

Some babysitter who didn't speak much english, and apparently couldn't really read much either, gave my sister wine or maybe alcoholic cider because it was in a plastic container in the fridge and she thought it was apple juice. Sister was probably about 3 or 4.


Early in my childhood, my mom was a single-parent, and I regularly had 16-20 year old male babysitters. They used to smoke pot in the bathroom, but since I was only 6-10 years old, I didn't really understand that. They used to wrestle with me (all voluntary by me) and play video games with me. They treated me like I was one of the group, even though they were over 10 years older than me on most cases. Not the craziest story, but a nice story for an only child.