20 Of The Craziest Babysitting Stories Of All Time.

When I was like 10 my babysitter told me he would give me $10 to help him find my dads nudy mag stash. We looked at vintage 70's playboy together for like 3 hours. First time I ever saw full bush.


A neighbor from up the street used to babysit me when I was like 8 - he was probably 15/16 at the time. When he realized I liked computers and video games, he introduced me to and gave me Command and Conquer and later when it came out, Red Alert. He would bring his computer over and we would play multiplayer over a null modem cable. If I won, I got to stay up later for each game I won (past the bedtime my parents set) and if he won I'd have to help him with his chores when he watched me at his house. I learned damn quick how to beat him after he made me wash his parent's cars and do dishes. I stopped going to bed on time and he would have me play on his team to kick his friend's asses.