20 Stories From People Who Realised Somebody Close To Them Committed A Major Crime.

My family used to rent out half of our house when I was a child. My dad always thought the couple he rented to were creepy, but they paid rent on time so they stayed. Apparently I even used to think I was related to him (child logic said he was in our house so he was family) and go up and hug him, which bothered my dad a lot. Eventually, my dad's fears were confirmed, the man kidnapped a little girl the same age as me. Then he came over to our part of the house and tried to come in (luckily me and my sister pretended we were not home). He is in jail now.


My dad used to rent the bottom half of his house out to random dudes so that he could afford his mortgage. One of them was really nice to me and my brother, and he ended up hanging himself downstairs while the rest of us were all in the living room. The guy after that was also really cool and funny, but he used to invite his girlfriend over and beat her up. One day my dad was sick of his shit and fought him. The cops were called, and his roommate ended up going to jail. While he was in there they matched his finger print to a cold case from years before. He is currently in prison for murder in the first-degree