10 Great Stories That Prove You Should Never Judge A Book By it's Cover.

I stayed overnight at my girlfriend’s place for the first time. Since she’s always on a diet, I decided to go to the kitchen at night so as not to offend the feelings of Weight Watchers. I entered the kitchen, opened the fridge, took out a pan, and suddenly heard a gravelly voice from behind me: “Are you eating?“ The pan fell to the floor. I turned around and saw a huge parrot in a cage, repeating, ”You’re eating! You’re eating!” My girlfriend was standing in the hallway crying with laughter. And they say animals don’t understand anything.


My husband has always been a man of few words and restrained feelings. I couldn’t make him say “I love you.” My friends say he looks cold-blooded. And I know what kind of sentimental man he really is. Not so long ago I noticed he was carrying in his wallet a rose-shaped origami I made on our first date. He treats it really carefully, afraid to damage it.