10 Great Stories That Prove You Should Never Judge A Book By it's Cover.

My son is blind. For a long time, my wife and I haven’t known how to introduce him to the world and teach him how to live without feeling his shortcomings. A friend advised us to send him to art classes. At first, we were skeptical about this, but six months later the teachers told us our child had a talent because he can draw something he can’t see after touching it. Now his drawings are presented at exhibitions, and foreigners have already bought a couple of them. Therefore, whatever happens in your life, don’t give up. You can always find a way out.


I thought one girl was ugly and decided to troll her. I created a fake page of a guy in a social network and followed her to make her fall in love with me. Then I planned to call her for a date and not show up. While we were chatting, I understood she was incredible, and I fell in love.