13 Singles Share Their Must Have Feature of A Potential Partner.

The ability to balance and maintain a checkbook. I know that's kind of obsolete now, but the point is that no matter how rich or poor you are, a person should know where they stand financially. Never leave to guesswork things you could know for certain with minimal effort.


They have to be a gamer, but also be a responsible adult who is not completely consumed by gaming. Also, must want cats.


There's a lot of things. But when having to pick out the MOST unusual thing. He needs to get along with my dog. She is my most precious thing. And if he can't get along with her and treat her right.. well bitch be gone He also needs to understand that she comes first and that something like me or the dog.. does not exist in my life. and yes i have dated someone who couldn't get along with her. I really liked him, he was handsome and we have known each other for a while. But when I realized he can't handle her and he's kind of looking down on her for being an animal I knew this would never become a serious thing