People of the Internet, Reveal Their True Supernatural, Unexplainable and Downright Creepy Experience.

I'm home alone one day. It wasn't dark or spooky or raining or anything. It was the middle of the day and I had just gotten home from work. Now, I shit with the door open when I'm home alone since why the fuck not. I'm doing my business and browsing Reddit as per tradition when I hear my laundry room door open and slam closed. Odd, it's only 2 PM and my parents don't get home from work until at least 4. My sister was at school but maybe she left early. I yell "Hello" and reach over and close the door so that whoever is home doesn't have to see me shitting. I hear some footsteps walk into the living room then just stop. I yell again but no response. My dad listens to audio books a lot on his phone so I figured he walked in with earbuds in and didn't hear me. I finish my business up and walk out to see who was home and no one was there. I kept yelling around the house but there was no answer. I walked outside and it was just my car in the driveway. I started to panic a little bit since my laundry room door is quite heavy and is very loud when it closes, so there was no way I misheard something. I searched the whole house, looked outside on the patio, side yards etc. Nothing. No one was there. I then got this huge feeling of fear and bolted back inside and just sat on the living room couch waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened. No noises, no sounds, no doors opening. Nothing. I eventually got up and went back to my room and never heard anything again. It would have scared the shit out of me had I not taken care of that problem before hand.


My family moved to this standard upscale suburban home after roughing it for a couple of years to save up. We also got a deal on the home because it was a model home before it was ours, like had all the fake furniture to show off the neighborhood homes. Anyways, it had this loft area with two stairwells that go up to it, one in the front and one in the back. You could pretty much hear everything from this loft since it was so open. One day my two best friends (guy and a girl) are hanging out in the loft. We were in HS and they were horny and always all over each other, whether I was in the room or not. We were watching tv and I get up to take a piss. When I left, they were all up on each other. When I came back, they were on different ends of the couch. I just had they had gotten into a fight, so I asked what was up. "Your little sister is home," the dude says. My face turned sheet white. "What's wrong," the girl asked. I asked them what made them think that. They said they heard her. I am sort of freaking out at this point. "No one's here," I say. We check the house, and I'm right. Well, it turns out that before it was a model home, a family lived there and a little girl had been playing in the loft but had climbed on the railing and fell to her death below. My two best friends swear (to this day) that they heard what they thought was my sister laugh and run up the stairs, hitting her hands on each step like she was running up on all 4s. I never had any encounters, other than the fact that right next to where she landed was the houses central Intercom - we had an intercom system in every room that you could play music through, or talk to each other. Every so often at night at the same time you'd wake up to the intercom button being pressed, and just the blank sound of static airways like someone was holding down the button but no one was speaking. My room was on the 3rd floor and I'd have to walk down to the bottom to the main unit and turn it off there. I always thought I'd see her.