People of the Internet, Reveal Their True Supernatural, Unexplainable and Downright Creepy Experience.

My roommate and I lived in a 100+ yr old farmhouse. Many strange things happened there, but there is one story I tell the most. One day we were watching tv in the living room on the main floor. And suddenly we heard a loud crash glass breaking and felt the floor shake in the ceiling above us. We both ran upstairs and could not find one thing out of place.


We had a "computer room" in our house that was at the end of a hallway. So I went down the hall to use the bathroom and I could see the glow from the computer screen dimly lighting up the room. Then it looked like someone walked in front of it and cast a shadow on the wall. I jumped and then started laughing, "Jeez, you scared me". I look in and there's no one in the room. I booked it out of there and avoided that bathroom for weeks...