20 Divers Reveal Their Most Horrifying Experience Under Water They Lived Through.

When I was getting certified my dice master told me my terrible seasickness (which I had never had before) would go away once I got in the water. They never told me what to do if I still felt sick. So of course I throw up at the bottom (no idea how deep but not too far down), did it out of my regulator, and then choked on on the water in my regulator. I ended up being left behind a bit and having to catch up while choking, and ultimately surfacing too fast. Note to everyone:throw up in your regulator then clear it!


My last dive trip, this freaking idiot in my group seriously GRABBED an eel around its midsection. I can't believe she didn't get her fingers bitten off. This lady was awful to dive with, constantly grabbing reefs, kicking the ocean floor, trying to "pet" fish/animals we came across. I wanted to scream.