20 Divers Reveal Their Most Horrifying Experience Under Water They Lived Through.

One of my first dives was in shit show conditions. There was a strong current and so much sand/debris everywhere that visibility was at about 12 inches. For some reason the dive master was like "it'll be fine once we get below 40 feet". We started descending on a guide wire and after getting to about 55 feet my brother and I (who were dive partners) could not see anyone else in the group. We waited at the bottom of the wire for 10 minutes and after no one showed up we started to think that the rest of the group would be waiting on the surface. We came up and 1 guy from our group was at the buoy looking confused and the boat was gone. Turns out there were so many problems that the boat driven away so that the waves wouldn't throw it on top of us but there were such large swells that the boat couldn't relocate us. We floated for about an hour before finally getting the boats attention and being picked up. By far the worst motion sickness/ dehydration I've ever experienced.


I was 30 meters below the surface in a small ship wreck. At one point my tank softly hits the ceiling and my jacket kept inflating which means I was quickly going back up to the surface which is really dangerous. I noticed something was wrong when I couldn't deflate the jacket. I had to quickly swim down with all my might to reach fellow divers but it was really difficult. Of course, this results in consuming more oxygen. I had to stop the airflow from the tank to my jacket and then I was able to deflate it. I had to inflate it manually for the rest of the dive. I was also diving with a group of beginners once and there was a lot of underwater current at one point. Eventually, someone got sick and was going to throw up. He was about to remove his mask to puke but the instructor quickly swam towards him and stuck her hand on his mask. The guy had to puke in his regulator. Oh and some other guy found a moray eel and pointed at it. He got bit.