12 Brave Police Officers Reveal What Call They Wish They Hadn't Taken.

From my father... He had just dropped us off at school after his car broke down and started driving. There was a small fire starting over near the mountains and he thought he might be helping over there. He began to put on his gear and got in his patrol truck. He was called out to the fire and began directing traffic away from the fire. Another patrol arrived and did the traffic controlling. He began to investigate near the fire and saw a car near it. He went to investigate the car to find a woman banging on the windows and her baby near her. He broke open the windows just enough to hand the baby through. And then there was an explosion. He flew back with the baby in his arms and a piercing ringing in his ears. He handed the baby to the nearby patrol and ran back only to watch as the mother caught on fire from her car, and burned to death. He had to be pulled from the car side by a fellow deputy. Still haunts him to this day.


Went to a unresponsive subject call. I get there and this 41 year old man had died while running on the treadmill in his basement. He had been dead for about 4 hrs when his wife found him. The decedent was first generation Italian. Before the coroner arrive his mother did. I knew that because I could hear her agonizing screaming from the driveway while I was still in the basement. We decided because she was so hysterical and the coroner wasn't there yet, to keep her upstairs with family. She didn't speak english and was sobbing and crying on her knees at the foot of the stairs, begging to see him. Finally, the coroner arrived and they agreed to let her see him right before they loaded him in the van. When she saw him, she kinda vapor locked and the medics had to remind her to breath. She was sobbing and having a conversation with him as if he was still her little baby, and responding to her in his baby voice. It was so gut wrenching to watch this. Fucked up my whole day. I'll never forget her.