18 Of The Most Ridiculously Overpriced T-Shirts

Every once in a while you might come across a t-shirt in Urban Outfitters or Topshop, only to check the price tag and wonder, ‘why does this strangely weathered and otherwise uninspiring cotton shirt cost $60?’ The material is nothing special, there’s no intricate design, and there seems to have been no special handwork put into it… surely nobody would actually buy this, right? –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Wrong. People do buy that t-shirt, and they even buy ones that are much more pricey. The nature of the high-end fashion world is one of exclusivity and, often, grand displays of wealth. The hype around donning a brand-name has grown enough that these companies are now capable of selling the most underwhelming items for a ludicrous price, and we honestly can’t wrap our heads around it. So behold, 18 of the most ridiculously overpriced t-shirts you will ever see:

18. Valentino, $638

17. Gucci, $666