17 Theme Park Workers Share The Scariest and Creepiest Things That Have Happened during their Shifts

I was the supervisor of the parking toll plaza. My supervisors called and told us to keep a lookout for a specific car that the police thought might be coming to the park. Ok, no biggie, probably someone smoking pot or something. My supervisors called back 5 minutes later: “oh by the way he has a gun, don’t tell the cashiers that though”. So for 1.5ish hours (until the end of my shift, when I left my fellow supervisor to deal with it) I was low-key checking the license plate of every car matching the description that pulled up. Easily the scariest thing that happened in my 2.5 seasons there.


I work at a go kart track, watched a woman break her leg and get a concussion after spinning out, panic throttling, and driving the wrong way up the track and getting hit head on by her husband that was going 40mph.