25 Teachers Reveal The Worst Thing They've Done To A Student

I was handing out homework sheets to my seniors. Class clown type balls his up and crams it in his mouth. Class laughs hysterically. For some unexplained reason, this makes me furious, and I really want to make him look like an idiot instead of looking "cool."

I calmly said "Eat it."

He said "What??"

And I said "Chew it up and swallow it." Thinking that I was calling his bluff and making him look dumb in front of everyone ...

But he really chewed it up and swallowed it, then said "Can I have a new homework? ... I seem to have misplaced mine." The other kids thought this was 1000x funnier than just putting the stupid paper in his mouth, so my plan was a total failure.

I went to the principal after school and said "I maybe told Kyle to eat his homework today ... are his parents going to sue or something?" And the principal thought for a moment and said, "Kyle's parents have met Kyle. I think they'll understand."


Knew that a mother was writing all of the essays her son was supposed to be doing (she has been doing it for years)... Told her in the parent-teacher interview that the work didn't seem like it was his (given that it was well written BS & fluff, while he could barely string 2 sentences together in class), but that it was so poorly done given what the assignment was asking for that it wasn't worth investigating for plagiarism...