25 Teachers Reveal The Worst Thing They've Done To A Student

Teacher's assistant in Band for grades 6-8. I was to help bring the percussion section up to par because they never got love and were too busy fucking off.

One cocky kid thought he'd try and talk shit because I busted him for breaking drumsticks. He would put them up against the wall at an angle and stomp them.

So I pulled out my Easton sticks. The Eastons are aluminum with a replaceable nylon sleeve and screw on nylon tip. I left them hanging around and I went to use the restroom thinking I'd let nature take its course.

I come back and he is on his way to the nurse and eventually to the hospital. Apparently he tried his trick and broke his foot.

Kid never came back to class.


Tell them that dinosaurs aren't around anymore. I'm a preschool teacher and we did a unit on dinosaurs, where all week we learned about different types, hatched an 'egg', etc. and on the last day a student asked where we could go see them. I said we can only go see their bones since they aren't around anymore. I'll never forget the look of absolute shock on their faces. I now make sure to mention it earlier in the unit.