16 Times the British Royal Family Wasn’t so Royal after All

The young prince got to stay up 15 minutes extra to thank the Obamas for his presents – but he wasn’t in the mood for royal protocol, greeting the President and his wife in his pyjamas. Obama joked afterward that it was a “slap in the face” and a “clear breach of protocol”. But it was so cute, we’ll forgive him

3. When Prince George flat-out refused to change out of his PJs to meet the US President

The Sovereign’s Parade at the end of each term marks the passing out for Sandhurst Officer Cadets who have completed the Commissioning Course. Although it’s a time of celebration, soldiers must keep a straight face… but that didn’t stop the Queen and her grandson sharing an adorable cheeky smile when she inspected the soldiers at Harry’s 2006 passing out

4. When Harry couldn’t help but smile at his grandmother