20 Employees Reveal The Most NSFW Thing They've Ever Experienced In A Professional Situation

Work can sometimes be really boring. We know this. So we've found some of the internet funniest and true 'not safe for work' stories, that happened at work and they are sure you lighten any boring work situation. Number 17 had us in stitches.


I worked in a photo lab at a Meijer right out of high school. This was just a couple of years before digital cameras killed film so I still dealt with people bringing in disposables and rolls of film to develop. 95% of the stuff I saw was kids birthday parties and vacation shots.

The rest though was some NSFW stuff. One woman in her mid 40s that apparently liked to party with her friends had a thing about resting her boobs on people's head (nice boobs BTW). Another guy dropped off a disposable camera for one hour development. I ran it through and the entire roll was a woman who was drop dead gorgeous just posing naked on the bed. Well when he returned to pick up the pictures she was with him. That was a very awkward moment of ringing them up and she couldn't look me in the eye. Had another guy drop off a camera who was a real class act. Naked photos of his gf/wife, a collection of guns, and him snorting coke off a family picture.

One other story I have is about a couple that brought in a roll of film. I ran it through the process and most of the images were innocuous, but the final few were probably a little saucy. I say probably because the images were so dark I couldn't make out much more than a silhouette. It was likely the wife modeling off some lingerie. I never printed the pictures though since they were almost all black. They picked them up and returned a short time later with my manager and store director in tow demanding I be fired for stealing those last few shots. My explanation didn't satisfy them so I was forced to put their film back in the machine and show exactly how the shots were and why they weren't printed. After that they got real sheepish and muttered an apology before quickly leaving.

That peek into people's lives dried up when digital went mainstream though.

Was fixing someone's computer, found about 35 gigs of child porn.

Called the cops and called the dude saying his computer was fixed and ready for pick-up. He showed up at the store with the Sheriff waiting just inside.