25 Fathers and Husbands Who Left And Never Came Back Explain Why

I gave my son up for adoption when he was one. Not the same, but I was the oldest of 7 kids and my parents made minimum wage. I worked full time (40-80hr weeks) since I was 15. I wasn't about to let my son starve and freeze like we did. I don't regret it.


We broke up due to her infidelity before finding out she was pregnant; She moved 2000 miles away before we knew - and yes, paternity test taken. I'd very much like to be in my child's life, but she was not keen on having me around (at the time she was trying to rekindle things with an ex and generally do her own thing). She has since gotten married and had another kid - I figure this is probably a healthier environment for my child than having two parents constantly fighting. I've only gotten to see my child once - he is 8 now. I pay about $1100 a month in child support. I don't know what she is telling my kid. He might feel abandoned. Maybe there's hope for a relationship (with him) in the future.