Johnny Depp’s Former Management Reveals His Lavish Spending Habits

Depp is cureently caught up in a legal battle regarding his finances. The 54-year-old is reportedly “so broke” that he has fired his longtime manager Tracey Jacob who signed him during his 21 Jump Street days, all because he was no longer willing and/or able to pay her commissions on his blockbusters. This is particularly shocking, as Depp is believed to have earned up to $650million from his illustrious film career, notably from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Now, Depp is at risk of losing several properties due to his inability to keep up with mortgage payments and may be forced to sell some of them, including a town – yes, he bought a small town, he purchased near St Tropez.

Depp is blaming his business managers for his money troubles, and is suing them for “gross mismanagement” of his finances to the tune of $25million. The Mandel Company has counter-sued Depp for breach of oral contract, breach of written contract and promissory fraud among other allegations. The company claims that Depp’s extravagant lifestyle is responsible for his current situation, despite repeated attempts to caution him.

The Mandel Company’s cross-complaint was filed in LA Superior Court, and claims that their former client “disingenuously suggests that he cannot remember (a) where he spent his money, or (b) being told by TMG to stop spending” and stressed that their advice fell on deaf ears. According to the complaint, “Depp listened to no one, including TMG and his other advisors, and he demanded they fund a lifestyle that was extravagant and extreme”. The complaint then goes on to list instances of what is described as “profligate spending” which funded “an ultra-extravagant lifestyle” that Depp “simply could not afford”.

What a list. Based on these expenses, and the claims that Depp repeatedly ignored advice to reduce spending and focus on repaying debts, the company insists Depp’s claims are “patently false”. Depp is yet to respond to these allegations as the star continues to face much scrutiny over his finances and lifestyle.