15 People On Facebook Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

Before the rise of social media, there were plenty of ways to make a complete fool of yourself in the real world. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the other wonderful sites available, it appears people’s proficiency at rendering themselves complete and utter morons has proliferated immeasurably and there is no end to the half-witted tomfoolery we are bound as members of society to witness on a daily basis. But, at least they’re entertaining! Not to mention that sometimes, if we’re really lucky, the people in question get a more than a healthy dose of what is known as karma. So, in the spirit of what comes around, goes around, enjoy these 15 people on Facebook who got exactly what they deserved.

1. Know your landmarks people

2. We all went to high school, it seems not everyone read The Great Gatsby though