Man Writes Heart-Breaking Post After Seeing This Single Mom Working Late Shifts As A Waitress

Sean Whalen from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA is a single father of 3 children. One night when he entered a restaurant with his son, he was reminded of what had happened to his family 30 years before.

He posted his story online:

"The day my parents split up is forever etched in my mind. Me and dad got into a big fight. Me, mom, and my little brother take off cause my dad is going nuts. We stayed at a hotel that night. When we came back the next day my dad had changed the locks. I watched my mom plead with him through the door to let us in to get clothes etc. He wouldn't. We had to go back later that day with a police escort. I'll never forget the cops handing me a black trash bag saying I had 10 minutes to take the necessities. I loaded up all the clothes I could fit into the bag, and that was the last time I ever stepped foot into the house I was raised in. No baseball trophies. None of my 10,000 baseball cards. None of my stuff. Hell, I left my pet turtle. Me, mom, and my little brother moved into a little condo and didn't have jack shit. People from the church brought over pots, pans, couches, beds, and food. My dad cashed out the bank and literally left my mom with the money in her pocket. Not a damn thing she could do. No family around. No real support other than strangers from church. I have no idea how she didn't throw in the towel at times. I would have. She never one time gave up.